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… like gardening (indoors or out!)
… share your plant props with friends
… plan trips to botanic gardens
… value ecology, conservation, biology, horti/agriculture, etc.
… like the color green
… enjoy learning new things about plants

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Plant Updates

Updates (4/10/21): What’s growing?

It’s been a tough week, but a whole lot has happened nonetheless. I launched a new planty Instagram account since Instagram tends to be the main hub for plant-related media online, and I haven’t been…

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Plant Profiles

Genus spotlight: Pilea

The genus Pilea is a popular plant today with a variety of compelling cultivars available. I want to reject the trope that a genus or species of plant can be boring or ugly. There are…

Cacti & succulents

Houseplants 101: Repotting your plant

(This is the second part of a series of articles about potting mix and houseplants. Click here to read part one.) To keep your plants healthy for many years to come, it’s necessary to provide…

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