Updates (4/10/21): What’s growing?

It’s been a tough week, but a whole lot has happened nonetheless. I launched a new planty Instagram account since Instagram tends to be the main hub for plant-related media online, and I haven’t been super active up until now with other plant hobbyists. The problem with Instagram is that it’s driven by aesthetics, ‘rare’ plants, and intrinsically promotes a hunger to consume: taking care of plants of my own has made me realize that aspiring to have perfect, ‘rare’, or large numbers of plants really saps out the joy of taking care of them. Nonetheless, there is a culture of sharing that is possible through Instagram (sharing information, cuttings, enthusiasm for the hobby, etc.) that I want to be a part of. I also want to know what plants are trending; it’s not much of a surprise that, as spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, the craze surrounding aroids and hoyas is still going strong. You can follow me on Instagram @bogtime if you would like to see what I’m up to! I hope that having a plant-specific account will make it a little easier for me to share my plants with others without posting constantly on my regular account about them (lol).

Philodendron wendximbe

New growth is truly astounding me this spring, and this Philodendron is a fantastic example. It’s gotten pretty unruly since I got it a month ago, and it seems to be loving life in my home. A lot of its new growth is fairly small, but it’s bushing out like crazy at the base with at least a half dozen active growth points.

Not to say I’m not struggling with any plants; my Rabbit’s-foot fern has dropped a bunch of fronds over the week, and has died back a little bit. My very-special Hoya carnosa appears to have some sort of damage, maybe sunburn or just physical damage from me repotting it.

lots of cabbage, kale, and mustard greens sprouting

My garden isn’t off to a great start, but I definitely have an abundance of sprouts started that I’m realizing I may be out of space for. I also had a lettuce plant stolen (possibly by an animal?? hopefully not a neighbor) off of my porch, which makes me a little anxious about getting a container started outside of my apartment later on. Speaking of seeds, my cacti seeds are doing pretty good! Not a sign of life for my Rhipsalis and Blossfeldia seeds, which makes me rather disappointed. For the little attention I paid to starting them, I feel like I’ve seen pretty good success so far.

Top row: Lithops sp.. Middle and lower rows: ungerminated Blossfeldia liliputana.
Top and middle rows: ungerminated Rhipsalis ramulosa & horrida ‘Madagaskar’. Lower row: Selenicereus sp. mix.
Misc. desert cactus species (not sure which is which 😰). Not pictured: Opuntia sp. mix.

Feeling really grateful to see that my ‘Moonshine’ Snake plant is recovering from severe dehydration, and hopefully is getting roots established. I am also grateful to pot up some ‘Pearls and Jade’ pothos propagations from the mother plant I bought last summer. They had really vigorous water roots and I hope they can become established soon in soil so I can give them away.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but Steve’s Leaves restocked and I decided to treat myself to a couple of really awesome plants. I really intended to quit buying plants but something came over me in that moment! I’m super excited regardless. Thanks everyone for checking in! 🙂

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